The CJ Smuin Memorial Foundation

OEG was honored to help with the PA system set up for the CJ Smuin Memorial Foundation Baseball Camp & Dinner event on Jan. 29th, 2022.

"The mission of the CJ Smuin Memorial Foundation is to bring about positive change in the lives of young people regarding suicide prevention, awareness. We will achieve this by hosting camps, guest speakers, and other events focused around suicide prevention and awareness, support other organizations with similar goals, and through the CJ Smuin Memorial Baseball Scholarship.

We have been forced to face the loss of CJ. In order to work through our loss and pain, we have decided that we must create a positive out of the worst situation we’ve ever confronted. Our hope is that our efforts can create a change in the lives of others we connect with and prevent others from ever having to be in the situation we find ourselves now (The CJ Smuin Memorial Foundation)."

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