Steven Bosco Leaves Fans In Price

Updated: Apr 19

Olson Entertainment Group was more than thrilled to promote Steven Bosco in Price, UT at the Price City Auditorium. His performance took place along with the St. Patrick's Pot of Gold Giveaway, where local businesses donated products and prizes to concert attendees.

Steven Bosco "first gained attention after performing at New York City's renown, Club Bonafide. That attention continued while performing at the well known Westerner Club, in Salt Lake City. Steven has been featured on Fox 13's morning show, Good Day Utah. He has opened one of the largest country music festivals, Country Fan Fest (and has been invited back). Steven has opened for artists such as Dillon Carmichael, Stephanie Quayle, Jagertown, and has performed around the West and other parts of the United States; even performing in Italy, Costa Rica, and China (Steven's Website)."

His music left a mark on the residents in Carbon County, so much so, that they choreographed and videoed a line dance to one of his songs. Price, UT loves Steven Bosco!

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