Olson Entertainment Repaints Price, UT's Historic Hillside "C"

Updated: Mar 11

Olson Entertainment Group donates their efforts to recover a local gem, that has now been resurfaced after more than 30 years.

Uncovering History

Price, UT has a rich and legendary history in Southeastern Utah. From international coal mining to international tourism in surrounding recreation, Price has it all. The people of the Carbon County community hold pride in their history, ancestors, and land since the foundation of the city - therefore, restoring an important piece of history was a necessity and OEG took on the job.

The hillside "C" has been around for decades and started out as a Carbon High School project for the Senate Club. This letter holds a multitude of meaning for the city and as word spread about the upcoming project, Kaden and Laura Olson, co-founders of Olson Entertainment Group, received an immense of local support and donations from the community. Thank you again to Southeast Paint & Design, Sutherlands, Castleview Hospital, Eastern Utah Tourism & History Association, and Spectrum Paint.

Recent attempts have been made in restoring this landmark, but have failed due to the technicalities of the dirt wall that crumbles to the touch, as well as the approach. Without the correct painting material, the geological textures make it impossible for the paint to hold and in addition, the steep hill approach is hazardous, as well as the approach from above, but OEG was determined to bring this "C" back to life. With Kaden Olson's rock climbing expertise, he created a plan to repel from the top of the cliff safely - bolting a steel anchor to a boulder from above. Southeast Paint & Design helped in researching the best paint that would sustain on such a difficult texture and luckily, they had extra leftover buckets of a recent painting project from Canyonland Utah National Park. The paint was a hybrid elastic mixture that was created for outdoor uses and dry textures - perfect! Lastly, a kind local from Helper, Utah lended one of his paint sprayers to OEG for this project, and without him (and many others), the "C" would not have been repainted.

After 10 hours of painting through the course of 2 days, the historical "C" was completed to its full potential. To add to the celebration, Kaden and Laura created a Facebook Live New Year event to turn on the brand new stadium "C" light that Price City donated. This would be turned on "C" at midnight - signifying a new year and a fresh start for the community.

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